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Favored Medical Billing, FMBS, understands that when making the decision to outsource your billing needs that there are many questions and concerns, but you are home, and on our website you will find years of experience, knowledge, the importance of revenue cycles, promotion of going green, and our consistent commitment to the success of our clients.

We take pride in our work, we are committed to our clients, and guarantee integrity in our practices no matter the size of the client.

- K. Hopkins, President, CPC

The Vision

About FMBS

Kashuna Hopkins, President, CPC

Favored Medical Billing, based in Arizona, exists today because Kashuna Hopkins, President, had a vision. That vision was to create a high quality medical billing firm that operates off of heart, integrity and passion. Kashuna began her career in the medical field working in the front office for a family practice physician in 2000. Through her work ethic, commitment to her job and ability to be a quick study she quickly earned the opportunity to take on additional responsibilities that would eventually lead to her learning all aspects of managing a medical practice.

With this knowledge base and desire of continued growth she would eventually land as the Director of Billing for one of the largest surgery centers in the valley. With this experience under her belt she gained the confidence to strike out on her and, in 2011, she did just that. With only one client signed on she stepped out on faith and the story of Favored Medical Billing began. Today Favored serves over 50 practices throughout the United States. These practices range from general dentistry, to birthing centers to family practice offices and everything in between. Whatever your medical billing and coding needs are FMBS is the answer.

Lloyd Hopkins, Vice President
Lloyd Hopkins is the Vice President of Favored Medical Billing service. He holds a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Nonprofit Leadership and Management from Arizona State University. He has extensive leadership and management experience working with community and nonprofit organizations with an emphasis on building collaboration and program expansion. He is also a published author, father of two, and has been happily married to Kashuna Hopkins for 16 years.

Favored Supporting Cast
Favored has been blessed with the opportunity to surround the company with a talented supporting cast. Our staff brings over 20 years of customer service and medical experience.
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  • Claims Auditor
  • Claims Research Department
  • Payment Specialist
  • Benefit / Authorization Team

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