Benefit Verification/GAP Exception Authorization | $25

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Verification Disclaimer

Benefit Verifications, Patient Responsibility Amounts, and Authorization are not a guarantee of payment. Patient Responsibility provided is an estimate of cost and does not replace any contracts or amounts requested by your provider.

Verification provided by Favored Medical Billing is an estimate. The verification provided will work in one of two ways with your provider of care.

Verify My Benefits

Verification received by FMBS will be sent directly to your selected provider within 3 business days. If your provider has not contacted you within 3 business days, please contact your provider directly to review your insurance verification.

Authorizations and Gap Requests take a minimum of 21 business days to receive a response from your insurance plan. Please make sure you have allotted the correct amount time for authorization submission, response and appeal.

Regular Office Visit Care does NOT require verification, Please contact your provider for Office Visit benefits.

Submit My Claim to Insurance for Reimbursement

Reimbursement from insurance is NOT allowed for:
  • HMO policies (unless a special auth has been obtained)
  • NO Maternity benefit policies

To order, please click, "Order Now" and follow the payment instructions.

Midwife Services | $85

This service is for patients that has given birth, transferred care, or received any maternity care in which you are interested in possible insurance reimbursement.

Birth Center Facility Services | $450

This service is ONLY for submission on BOTH Provider and Birth Facility Care.

Anthem BCBS does NOT reimburse for Birth Center Facility Charges, please ONLY submit reimburse to the Midwife services.

Office/Home Visit Services & HSA /Flex Spending Account | $100

This service is for clients that would like reimbursement for provider care outside of maternity services OR need proper coding for the submission to Health/Flex Spending Accounts.

Provider Submission Requirements:

  • Claims are submitted to your insurance within 48 hours of receipt to Favored Medical Billing.
  • Your insurance requests 30 business days to properly process your claims.
  • Favored Medical Billing does NOT provide claim status during the insurance requested 30 business days timeframe
    • For any Claim Status prior to 30 days, your insurance provider may have an online account setup for members that will allow you to manage your care and check claim status.
  • FMBS does NOT guarantee reimbursement to patients NOR providers.
  • Claim payment/processing is decided by your insurance plan based on your policy benefits.
  • Signed contracts with your provider supersede FMBS benefit verification and claim submission.
  • For More Questions regarding Claim Processing visit


If you have any questions about your account or claim, please complete the Questions Form.
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